What to do with the soap leftovers?

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Have you ever wondered what to do with these little leftover soap bars? Well, don’t throw them away!

Since I have started making my own soaps, I have stopped throwing the little left overs in the soap dish as they did have an emotional value attached to them. Now after a while it became too much just having them around the house everywhere. The next natural step was to find a use for them. Here is a recipe for you all to try at home as it only needs a few bits you all have to make your own liquid soap.

Liquid soap made out of leftover soap bars

Find yourselves a used liquid soap container with a pump, wash it and set it aside. Grab a heat resistant container, non Teflon, best glass and non metal where you can prepare your soap in.

Grate the little left over pieces with a grater as small as possible as it will reduce the melting times.
A proportion example: 80-100 grams of grated handmade soap will need about 2-3 times more water. On a low heat melt the soap together with water and adjust the the liquids accordingly as when cooled the mixture will harden slightly.

Things to bear in mind: the colours of the soap will mix therefore you might need to add some food colourant to make it pleasing to the eye if things like that bother you. Also try not to mix soaps with additional ingredients like oats, poppy seeds and etc. Essential oils will also mix when you melt, therefore to make a more pleasant or more prominent refresh you might want to add a few drops of essential oils your choice when the mixture has cooled down a little.

And here you are a liquid soap is ready at your use, enjoy!